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Software & User Manual
Waterproof Gimbal Quick Guide V1.1
Swift User Manual V1.0

Q1: I Can’t Find A Product On Your Website Anymore Is It Still Available?
A1:If an item is no longer listed it is likely it has been discontinued however if you really liked something and you
can’t find it anymore.Pls contact us .

Q2:Where Do I Find More Information About Product Features?
A2:If you are interested in an item or have bought a product and still have questions please contact us
When Will An Item Be Back In Stock?
The approximate date of restock is usually stated on the product page. For exact schedules contact us

Q3:I Need Help Placing An Order
A3:All Orders: If you require assistance placing an order on the website we have a helpful guide here’s How To Order
Wholesale or Drop ship Orders: If you have specific enquiries about a large wholesale or drop ship orders or would like a quote please Contact Us.  We also have dedicated affiliate program section.

Q4;Do I Have To Pay VAT / Sales Tax?
A4:We do not add any additional charges or taxes in China. Possible additional costs to you may include:
- Bank transfer charges,
- Paypal money upload charges,
- If you are re-selling (or drop-shipping) goods from fpvhome, Please ensure you are abiding by the tax (and other) regulations for selling goods in your home country and the destination country.

Q5:Why Was My Order Cancelled And My Payment Refunded?
A5:Possible reasons for refunding money are.
- PayPal's account name and address do not match your order's shipping address, and there was no response when we contacted you.
- The products you ordered were out of stock. If we cannot contact you within 5 days after we receive your payment we will give you a   refund.Any questions , pls contact us.








Feel free to contact us if any interruption occurred during payment or placing orders, Screenshots & email feedback are greatly appreciated to help us improving, Contact us by Thank you!