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Free Shipping Waterproof Splash Drone AUTO Version

Free Shipping Waterproof Splash Drone AUTO Version

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AUTO version comes with the ultimate feature set including payload release, waterproof gimbal, FPV (live video) screen, and ground station module,it can be controlled from a smart phone and it can be used in a variety of situations including stabilized aerial filming (including marine), fishing, watersports, remote controlled deliveries, industrial, and Law enforcement. It also comes with smart flying features like waypoint guidance, and follow-me.

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Splash Drone is the world's best amphibious & waterproof drone. Packed with useful and practical features it is capable of landing and floating on water.
The Splash Drone is perfect for the outdoor fans that use a GoPro style action camera to capture their adventures however wet or rough.
It's also an ideal tool for ocean farers, lake and ocean scientists, boat owners, professional fishermen, water-sports, and all enthusiasts around the world.


1. Full waterproof design that allows flying in wet weather or conditions, like in rain, fly over/land on ocean, lake and river etc.
2. Waterproof payload release allows up to 1kg load to be flown and released at a specified location. Suitable for water rescue with life vest; to deliver fish food for fisherman; fishing etc.
3. Waterproof gimbal: The world’s first waterproof gimbal for drones! It fits GoPro Hero3/3+/4 and particularly the Swellpro ZERO camera.
4. Added feature with the ZERO camera: control recording/standby for taking picture or shooting video via radio controller.
5. Built-in 5.8G video transmission system, bundled with a high-resolution 7” FPV screen, ensuring great FPV flying experience within 1km range.
6. Auto Return to Home (RTH) function: Prevent loss of the drone in control difficulties or emergency situations. This provides good re-assurance for drone operators.
7. Real time OSD data on the controller: Most of the important flight data is displayed on the radio controller LCD screen, to help you check the drone’s status in flight.
8. Follow me mode: The Splash Drone follows the ground station module and the smart phone GPS location, while filming the action.
9. App control: Control your Splash Drone with the Android and iOS smartphone and tablet Apps.
10. Way-point & Mission Planning flight: Allow pilot to drop waypoints and execute specific flight path at expected attitude.
11. Circle Flight: Fly the drone around a specified target to catch a perfect 360° object centered film.
12. Self-tighten Carbon Fiber Propellers: Strong and durable, no need of tools to screw the propellers on.
13. Smart Charger: All-In-One design, with no complicated settings, that supports 2 to 4S Li-Polymer battery.
14. Aluminum suitcase: The compact and strong design makes for an easy to carry case while offering great protection to the drone while having plenty of space for the drone and its accessories.


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